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Friday, 16 February 2007

M /E / A/ N /I /N /G Online

M /E / A/ N /I /N /G

(February 2007)

Feminist Art:
A Reassessment

Edited by
Susan Bee
Mira Schor

A forum
including writing and images
artists and art historians
from three generations

Irina Aristarkhova, Susan Bee, Emma Bee Bernstein,
Johanna Burton, Ingrid Calame, Maura Coughlin,
Bailey Doogan, Johanna Drucker, Carol Duncan,
Mary Beth Edelson, Joanna Frueh, Vanalyne Green,
Mimi Gross, Susanna Heller, Janet Kaplan,
Tom Knechtel, Judith Linhares, Lenore Malen,
Ann McCoy, Adelheid Mers, Robin Mitchell,
Carrie Moyer, Beverly Naidus, Rachel Owens,
Sheila Pepe, Nancy Princenthal, Carolee Schneemann,
Mira Schor, Joan Snyder, Anne Swartz,
Faith Wilding, and Barbara Zucker.



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