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Sunday, 18 February 2007

Support Reality Street Editions

I’d like to persuade you to become a Reality Street Supporter. Supporters have been absolutely vital to the success of the press, particularly in the past three years, during which we have published eleven titles, breaking even financially without the need for external support.

Supporting Reality Street’s programme of innovative writing this year costs you £35 (if you’re in the UK/Europe), £40 (if you’re outside Europe). For this, you will receive four books scheduled for 2007 (subject to any last minute changes), as follow:

Wendy Mulford: THE SPACE BETWEEN - New work since her Selected Poems, and suddenly, supposing... by Reality Street's co-founder. Around 48pp.

Sarah Riggs: chain of minuscule decisions... - A visually beautiful permutational work by a US poet based in Paris, her first UK publication. Around 56pp.

Eugene Savitzkaya: BEING ALIVE - The latest in Reality Street's narrative series, a translation of this Polish/Belgian writer's prose narrative En Vie, by Paul Buck and Catherine Petit. Around 80pp.

The Contemporary Free Verse Sonnet O'Hara, Berrigan, Mayer, Fisher, Raworth ... how far can the venerable 14-liner be stretched? Jeff Hilson edits this groundbreaking anthology, which is expected to include 35-40 poets and run to 300-350pp.

The retail prices of these books separately are expected to amount to £38.50 not counting postage & packing, so I hope you agree that subscribing to all four makes economic sense. In addition, you will get your name as a Supporter printed on the back of all four books – unless you tell me you prefer to remain anonymous.

To become a Supporter, PLEASE REPLY TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW. I will then send you a secure credit card payment request via PayPal. You do not need to be a member of or to join PayPal – just click on the link and complete your credit card and delivery address details. Non-sterling currencies will be automatically converted at the prevailing rate.

You can still pay by sterling cheque if you wish. Make the cheque out to REALITY STREET and send it to the address below. If you need to pay by non-sterling cheque (check), you can, but there’s an additional charge of £5, as this is what the bank charges us for conversion.

Please do become a Reality Street Supporter and help enable publication of some of the most exciting writing around. Ask me any questions you need to.

Best wishes,

Ken Edwards
Reality Street Editions
63 All Saints Street
Hastings, East Sussex TN34 3BN

Ken Edwards <reality.street@virgin.net>


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