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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Little Red Leaves

Little Red Leaves is a collectively edited online poetry journal. Our first issue will be released on MayDay (May 1st 2007). Since this is a collective, we do not subscribe to any one poetics/school of poetry etc. and the hope is that this will still ensure an interesting read. We also have a chapbook press, Dos Press, which will be debuting in May as well, with poems from Hoa Nguyen, Andrea Strudensky, and Carter Smith.

(In addition to this email, information about the journal can be found at littleredleavesjournal.blogspot.com)

*General Submissions: Please send 3-5 poems (of any length) as a Word, RTF, or PDF attachment to littleredleaves@gmail.com. In the subject line include your name and "general."

*Other Submissions: Each editor might also decide to edit a 'special section' with more specific guidelines. These will be posted separately as such.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted as long as you let us know if someone else has snatched your brilliant poem first. We do not consider previously published work.

Please allow six to eight weeks for a response. After eight weeks, please query if you haven't heard a word.

*Queries: Send any questions you might have to littleredleaves@gmail.com with "Query" as your subject line.

Special Calls :

Currently we have two calls- one for long poems and one for entre-genres. Please see the blog for updates/editions to these.

We hope to hear from you!

Alison Cimino
Michelle Detorie
Julia Drescher
Chad Heltzel
CJ Martin
Pablo Miguel Martinez
Karen McBurney


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