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Friday, 15 June 2007

Postcards Update

So hopefully you all have or are-soon-to recognize with this current issue that the Postcard section has been updated – or rather, the magazine format itself has been updated, to permit easier access to the Postcard section, and thus hopefully to facilitate a more immediate level of response to its submissions. I’d like to direct your attention to our first (!) Postcard of this issue by Emma Bee Bernstein: a response to MOMA’s recent symposium “The Feminist Future,” in which Emma both exposes her own confrontations and poses a number of acutely relevant questions for (and with) us: of negotiating how to exist both within and without the structures of a movement, of whether or not it's even possible to create rupture from without, of the difference between circumvention, transgression, and acknowledgement of definitions and boundaries (and definitional boundaries), whether the issues are categorical or the way in which our categories have been defined and institutionalized, of avoidance and allusion (and how these might function as parody, and how, instead, they might function to counter the very speech-through-silence they might have desired).

A number of fantastic female artists whose work poses these same questions (and who were present at the symposium) are also cited. Feel free to read, respond, post additions, interrogations, and possible solutions. We’re looking forward to what may come of this section, and I’m absolutely pleased that this particular piece has arrived to help facilitate that.

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Lauren Shufran


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