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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Kritya’s New Issue is online

"Listen to the music within your soul.

While listening, do you not feel
an inner self awakening deep within you -

that it is by its strength that your head is lifted,
that your arms are raised,
that you are walking slowly towards the light?"

Isadora Duncan

Kritya’s New Issue is on line-

Kritya is now entering its third year in the world of poetry. With the coming of July, Kritya2007 - an international festival of poetry will be born with grace. Held between 21st and 23rd July 2007, this year’s event has grown in size and has already drawn rave reviews. It is going to be a dynamic celebration of poetry, music and performance by more than 60 talented poets and artists, ranging from internationally acclaimed, to hot new talents for you to discover.

Rati Saxena


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