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Monday, 15 October 2007

Erin Moure Updated Info

Erin Moure will be visiting the UK from Montreal and reading on the dates below.

October 2007

Weds 17th Shearsman Series, Swedenborg Hall, Bloomsbury, London, 7.30. Details on Shearsman website. Contributions on the door.

Thurs 18th De Montfort University Leicester 2pm. Contact Simon Perril for further details.

Sat 20th The Language Club, Plymouth Arts Centre, 7.30.

Tues 23rd Bangor University, Contempo videoconference with Aberystwyth. Free.

Weds 24th Bangor University, translation seminar with Chus Pato, Tricolore 2-4pm. Free.

Weds 24th Bangor University, reading with Chus Pato. 7.30, with wine reception and discussion. Free.

Thurs 25th Rose Theatre, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, 7.30. Contact Robert Sheppard for further details.

Moure writes mainly in English, but also in Galician and French and has translated from Spanish, Portugese, Galician and French into English. She has described her poetry as a way of “thinking about and in spacings, placings, stagings, and how to think and be in such spacings – always in language, and always spatial, physical, because we are sited, incorporated beings.” Her 2002 work O Cidadán sprang from the need to rethink the notion of the citizen, and insisted that it is the crossing of borders and leakages in borders that makes entities (countries, persons, communities) possible. Of Moure’s later books, Little Theatres (2005) includes poems in Galician in a book destined for English-language readers, and her latest work, O Cadoiro, explores the radical modernity of the lyric voice. Moure’s practice includes both creation and translation, and she does not distinguish between them.

The Bangor events on the 24th feature Chus Pato, one of the most singular and acclaimed voices in contemporary Spanish poetry. She writes in Galician, and her poems have been widely translated. Erin Moure's translation of from m-Talá (Nomados, 2003) and Charenton, just published by Shearsman Books, brings her unique perspective and political energy into an encounter with the English language.

For further details please contact Zoe Skoulding ems216@bangor.ac.uk


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